Everything Rises
And Falls In Leadership

Test Your Leadership

Test your grasp of everyday values and practices

Engage Your Team

Engage in open discussions in a relaxed setting

Raise the Lid

Raise Leadership Awareness of your team, through positivity

Create Soltions

Discover ways to strengthen your team's leadership abilities

Are You Tired of The Same Leadership Training?

Do something different! The John C. Maxwell Leadership Game offers a new and innovative way to unlock you or your team's potential from within.

Game On!Raise the Lid on Leadership

Unlocking Potential

Investing in yourself may be the most profitable investment you ever make.  The surest way to be successful and productive. 

Unleashing Leaders

The time and energy you take to invest in your team is priceless.  By investing in others, you in turn create a successful environment. 

Are you Marked4Success?

Leadership AssessmentComprehensive Evaluation

This resource is designed to measure your current level of influence through your own self-assessment, as well as feedback from others around you (referred to as “raters”). This information can then be used to target your leadership growth.

Mastermind Groups

  • Increase your Experience and Confidence
  • Sharpen Business Skills
  • Get Honest Feedback and Advice
  • Receive Critical Insights into Yourself
  • Maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Receive Critical Insights into Yourself

Your Invited

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Know more about Mark Schrade

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Working together, I will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

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